As the Creative Director at Wulfchiptegnik™, I personally oversaw this visionary project from its initial concept design to its final production. My dedicated involvement extended to arranging both the photographic and video shoots in collaboration with Foreign Studio.

I took the lead in transforming a 7-seater VW Transporter bus into the ultimate MTB Adventure van. Every step of the way, from the first sketch to the final touches, I ensured a meticulous design process was followed. This design was specifically tailored to house two mountain bikes, an air compressor, an integrated fridge, water hose, and an expansive storage system, which was further accentuated by a premium set of ParkTool™ cycling tools. For its exterior, I chose a captivating Matte Adventure Green vinyl wrap from HEXIS™. This was complemented with a distinctive design that proudly displayed our client's favored cycling partners. The van's sturdy undercarriage now boasts a Seikel™ lift kit, elegantly placed atop glossy black Rotiform STL wheels, further enhanced by rugged off-road tires. In collaboration with our partners at THULE™, we crowned the vehicle with a Caprock platform and a Dockgrip Kayak mount. I am immensely proud of this transformation and share the joy of our thrilled client. If you're envisioning your own adventure-ready van, look no further - I am your go-to for bespoke vehicle transformations.

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