We repositioned financial tools not only in terms of what was available on the website, but also in terms of its competitors.

Considering the maturity level of SA’s online audience and the environment they find themselves in when engaging with these tools, we felt that the tool should not replicate the experience investors will have meeting with a financial advisor in person. Most tools offer users a full risk analysis, savings calculator, etc. that result in high tool exit rates. The tool should give the user a clear, simple and concise answer in terms of what can be achieved with their investment savings and how much they should save considering their appetite for risk.

The information gained should be enough to spark interest if suited to the investor from where contact call-to-action buttons will direct the users. We designed a tool that provides a minimalistic, intuitive UI. This has just been launched, so we’ll have to keep you posted on what our analytical tool says about its performance.
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