Sanlam Investements Food Wine Design "Meet the Maker" - Missibaba
Missibaba is a team of seven women based in Woodstock, Cape Town, all working away merrily to create beautiful handcrafted leather accessories. From bags to clutches to wallets and belts, each piece is unique, with owners and fans of the brand referred to as 'Missibabas' themselves.
The label was established in 2005 by leather aficionado Chloe Townsend. Passionate about South Africa and supporting local industry, Chloe opened her studio in the heart of what used to be Cape Town's once healthy textile industry. Her vision was to surround herself with the best craftswomen in the country and create something proudly and extraordinarily South African.
Today the inimitable Missibaba brand is a playground for all things leather, where Chloe and her team continue to experiment as far as their imaginations will take them,. As befits Chloe's philosophy, most of Missibaba's leather is sourced locally in Cape Town with special bits and pieces sourced in Argentina, India and England.
Sanlam Investements Food Wine Design "Meet the Maker" - James Mudge
The son of a Knysna furniture maker, James Mudge grew up in his father's workshop learning the fundamentals of fine furniture design.
Moving to Cape Town he studied architecture, deepening his appreciation of the spaces we inhabit and the influence of buildings and furniture thereon. Several years abroad saw him creating shop fittings for Ralph Lauren in London and Paris, as well as designing and building a number of private homes in France and another in South Africa.
Today James is based in Cape Town where he concentrates his efforts on the design and manufacture of beautifully-crafted bespoke furniture. He creates pieces for private and corporate clients assisted by a team of highly trained artisans. As befits his training, each piece is created with deep consideration for the place it will inhabit and the people it will serve. His aesthetic is clean and contemporary, underpinned by a traditional work ethic of fine workmanship and attention to detail.
Sanlam Investements Food Wine Design "Meet the Maker" - Honest Chocolate
The raw truth about chocolate? Most brands are made from roasted cacao, but Honest Chocolate in Cape Town use organic, raw cacao, which is more delicious plus higher in antioxidants, making it even better for you than regular dark chocolate.

The founders are Anthony Gird and Michael de Klerk. They were exploring new ideas in chocolate on different sides of the planet when they decided to collaborate and coalesce their delicious ideas into Honest.

Today they complete a team of four chocolateers producing small batches of hand-crafted chocolate, served to the public from beautifully-renovated vintage premises on Wale Street. Everything about their chocolate is honest, from the eco-friendly wrapping paper to the low-GI Algarve nectar they use instead of sugar.

They seem to exude the same happiness and contentment one gets from enjoying really good chocolate. Could it be they love what they do, or find themselves tasting a little more of their product than they should? Probably a bit of both.
Sanlam Investements Food Wine Design "Meet the Maker" - Luke Dale-Roberts
Luke Dale-Roberts is not so much a chef as an unstoppable creative force – who happens to cook.

In November 2010 he opened what was soon to be Cape Town’s hottest restaurant, The Test Kitchen, as evidenced by a prestigious award for SA’s second best restaurant only a year later, and with that the title of SA’s best chef .

Luke’s success is no flash-in-the-pan effort. He spent four years sautéing his skills as executive chef at La Colombe restaurant at the Constantia Uitsig wine estate. The results: an award for 12th best restaurant in the world in the San Pellegrino 50 Best Restaurants of the World Awards 2010, and the title of Acqua Panna Best Restaurant in Africa and Middle East.

Besides The Test Kitchen, Luke has since opened the nearby Pot luck Club (an eatery-cum-art gallery) and a mysteriously exciting ‘food lab’ where he and his highly-trained minions concoct new delights for diners lucky enough to secure a table at one of his restaurants.
Sanlam Investements Food Wine Design "Meet the Maker" - Rose Jordaan
Bartinney wine estate is situated on the dramatic slopes of the Helshoogte Pass overlooking the beautiful Banghoek Valley in Stellenbosch – The farm produces ‘wine made on a mountain’ as their marketing says – and pretty good vino at that.
Owned and run by passionate husband and wife team Michael and Rose Jordaan., Bartinney has become known for planting more than just vines. Thanks to eco-warrior Rose, more than 5000 indigenous trees and fynbos have been planted on thirteen hectares of rehabilitated land that was previously a pine and gum plantation. She’s also established a plantation of critically-endangered blushing brides, a protea-like shrub with beautiful ivory-pink flowers that only occurs in the region.
Rose has plans for a nursery to help restore and protect neglected slopes on the farm, and thanks to her efforts Bartinney received Champion status in the Biodiversity and Wine Initiative (BWI) in September 2010.
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